My Positions

Here are my brutally honest answers to questions I have received. If you have a question or concern you like my position on, please reach me through the contact page, message me through any of my social media channels, or email:  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Do you agree with Public Private Partnerships (P3) projects?

I do agree, but their should be a transparent framework in place to ensure contracts are honored, a mechanism to mitigated disputes, must be a return on investment, a registry of developer evaluations database to track past performance, open-market or hire local (depending on complexity of the project), and value in money to the taxpayers.

Do you agree with privatization of services?

I’m for a two-tier system for delivering services. Only in an open-market with competition can innovations be made to deliver better quality of goods and/or servics at value for money. As long as goods and/or services remain sole sourced to government offices- citizenry will have to cope with a bureaucratic structure of low motivation and low innovations because nobody wants to lose their jobs.

When government – in pursuit of good intentions – tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a referee, not an active player. Milton Friedman

Do you agree with having only residents of Oshawa on the Board of Directors of the Oshawa Public Utilities Commission? 

No. BOD should be people with expertise and experience, and are vetted for cronyism and nepotism.

What will you do to ensure affordable housing for low income residents and seniors?

A change in policy to phase out new residential and commercial developments till a long-term plan is implemented to address the shortage of affordable housing for low income residents and seniors.

It doesn’t make economic sense to build out of vanity without addressing the rising level of homelessness, the quality of affordable housing being low standards, high energy rates, insuffient fire safety plan, opiate addiction, houses are turning into harbingers of debt, not a lot of industrial jobs or career opportunities, and increasing property tax. People may want to move to Oshawa because new houses are affordable, but you still need money to buy stuff. In my opinion the foundation of sustaunable communities is looking weak at the moment.

A Community Audit should be done to recognize the essential needs of low income residents and seniors. I’m a proponent of tiny houses, so whatever surplus lands (meeting certain criteria) should be allocated for the development of tiny houses that are self-sustaining for low income residents and seniors.

Another method is planning a forum or workshop with public, private, and not-for-profit housing experts for affordable housing for low income residents, seniors, and rental housing policy.

The conversation needs to start now for a long-term plan about affordable housing, sustainable communities with specific goals about how to use research to diagnosed the root cause(s) to identify the problem(s) to have a solution or remedy. Society needs a frank debate and discussion on pressing social and environmental issues, and inform policy development.

The first aim of any cultural policy is to allow every individual to develop a higher consciousness of their lives – to make citizens wiser and freer to make choice.  – Pierre Juneau

What do you think are the two most important issues facing seniors in our
communities today?

Patient focus healthcare and safe/sustainable communities.

What is your vision for the establishment of pharmacare and universal dental care? 

It’s wishful thinking and added burden to taxpayers. I believe patient focus care is needed, and that is best delivered by churches, charities, and not-for-profit co-operatives for quality health services. There should be a high standard in healthcare delivery, but the business model has to change. Humanity does not know a more powerful driver than a human heart. Thus, a forum on healthcare delivery needs to happen, because creative collaborations and community is the solution.

What is your position on how to best create affordable public transit? 

A two-tier transit. Customers need choice. No such thing as affordable public transit, unless there was a major technolgical advancement to the methods and applications of how our archaic transportation systems operates. Beam me up Scotty!

What is your position on the potential use of Oshawa’s waterfront? 

The ‘waterfront’ is a convoluted issue with so many different influences that making sane development decisions impossible. Whether it’s OPA or City Council- nobody gives a straight answer, nor has the leadership, imagination or a business plan about any prospect of developing the waterfront. There is no potential with this regime incharge of the wasterfront- whoever that is is the $64,000 question. But, certainly a boat launch ramp would be a great start. Creating sponsorship and partnership opportunities on a marina, festivals/events, and various infrastructure projects is economically feasible. Just takes desire to do so.

Would you agree with the creation of a Seniors Advisory Committee? 

It depends. Firstly, it means more administration and money. I understand Seniors need a strong voice and a platform or channel to address issues and concerns. Perhaps seniors should partner with a special interest group, liasson or envoy to make Delegations, create Correspondences, and lobby to Standing Committees and City Council meetings on their behalf. Who needs to be burden with politics in there golden years. Secondly, if enough Seniors and key Stakeholders wish to create a Senior Advisory Committee, maybe they should consider forming a Working Group under the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee, as it’s more flexible about policies and procedures. If the need is still there for a Senior Advisory Committee, than so it should be done.

What is your position on property taxes? 

It’s the City of Oshawa’s bread and butter. The City of Oshawa has admitted they don’t have many sources of income, so the City depends heavily on property taxes to function. Citizenry make a note that the cost of services go up, yet quality stays the same or decreases in other aspects. The rate of property taxes is a good indication of the cost of living in a City.