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List of online resources:

Focus on Geography Series, 2016 Census

The Citizens; Guide 1: The Planning Act

List of notable By-Laws that The City of Oshawa enforces to “establish minimum standards of health and safety and preserves the image and character of Oshawa.”:

bylaw definition

Property Standards By-Law 1-2002

By-Law 16-94, as Amended by By-Law 15-2003 (Hospital Consolidated By-Law)

Zoning By-law Number 60-94 as Amended

Purchasing By-Law 45-2016

Council Procedural By-Law 111-2017

By-Law 29-2009 Delegation of Authority

By-law 51-2015 Code of Conduct

By-Law 39-2005 Council Remuneration

List of notable Public Reports created by The City of Oshawa:

2018 The City of Oshawa Operational Budget 

From: Auditor General, Ron Foster: To propose a number of changes to support the independence of the Auditor General, improve accountability and transparency and to bring the City into full compliance with the Municipal Act, 2001.


*To read about the incident surrounding the AG-13-09 Public Report, especially the allegations of over spending on the acquisition of 199 Wentworth East (Consolidated Depot), click here.

From: Ombudsman of Ontario (Ontario’s Watchdog)

THE ABCS OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Investigation into the City of Oshawa, Development Services Committee special meeting of May 22, 2008.

List of notable plans that The City of Oshawa either initiated or implemented;

2017 The Cty of Oshawa Community Profile

Inventory of City of Oshawa Heritage Properties October 2015

Our Focus, Our Future: Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Culture Counts: Oshawa’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan

Plan 20Twenty: Downtown Oshawa

Oshawa Fire Master Plan 2013 Final Report

Fire Master Plan Review & Community Risk Assessment

Oshawa Creek Water Shed Plan (February 2013)

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a grant program the offers building and property owners various projects to fund improvements to facades, costs for environmental studies, building interiors and/or upper-floor conversions to residential units.

The City of Oshawa offers funding programs through the CIP:

List of notable City Council and Committee Meeting Minutes. The minutes are a written recording by the Committee/City Council Coordinator of what happened in a special or public meeting:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
in the Committee Meeting Room

City Council Council Meeting concerning Council Vacany Policy

List of notable Programs and Plans that came to various Committes for approval:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
in the Committee Meeting Room

The Developers of 70 King St. E (Genosha Hotel) presented to the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee their Accessibility Plan Submission.