My Message to Constituents at Rogers TV Durham

In the mid-afternoon on Thursday, August 16, 2018, I was booked to record a 2 minute message to my constituents at Rogers TV Durham. My original message took me 3-4 minutes to read, so I removed a paragraph. I was allowed three takes. My first was 2:34 (so no good), second was 1:54 (I felt I skipped some dialogue), and third was 1:59 (not perfect, but pretty darn close). I never gave a public speech on TV before, so I’m excited to see how I did. I was told it would air sometime in mid-September, and I would be notified by email. 🙂

Hi Oshawa, I’m Adam White and I’m running for City Councillor of Ward 1.

My platform is: Fighting the Good Fight for Oshawa is giving the constituents a greater voice and influence for how Oshawa is developing. Certainly, an open channel is needed to have representation for accountable decision-making.

On Tuesday, August 14, I was a Delegation addressing opposition to a Public Report that wanted to Sole Source a contract to Dillon Consulting Ltd. to peer review the Fire Master Plan and conduct a Community Risk Assessment. Under the current 2013 Fire Master Plan, drafted by Dillon Consulting Ltd. there were numerous issues of concern, such as: a house fire on Centre Street which killed 4 family members, call times have increased, response times are below industry standards, no training facility, and no community input or sources were provided.

I’m satisfied that City Council voted 5-5 to defeat the motion.

I’m a concern member of the community like yourself- who wants leadership with representation that is accountable to the People. Politics isn’t a career. It’s not a job. It’s a public service.

If Oshawa needs me, I’m ready for the responsibility and privilege, and sacrifice to serve the People.

Thank you.

adam at rogers tv durham