OAAC: We Help Make A Barrier-free Oshawa

I served two terms as a volunteer member of the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee (OAAC) from 2015-2017. In that time, I chaired the OAAC Communication Subcommittee for 2 years. Under my leadership, we created the OAAC brochure, OAAC PowerPoint Presentation, and OAAC t-shirt (that proudly reads on the back: We help make a barrier-free Oshawa.)adam campaign photo1

At the OAAC last meeting of the year on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, (as well as my end of term as a volunteer member), we heard a delegation and presentaion from “Sharon Johnson, Ambassador/Advocate, Durham C.N.I.B. to provide a presentation concerning the new C.N.I.B. organizational plan and current events in the Durham Region.”

Sharon Johnston, Ambassador/Advocate, Durham C.N.I.B. provided a
presentation concerning the new C.N.I.B. Organizational Plan and
current events in the Durham Region. The Ambassador/Advocate at
Durham C.N.I.B. provided background information on the ‘ShopTalk:
BlindSquare Enabled’ program stating that customers with sight loss
will be able to explore businesses more easily and independently.

ShopTalk was of most interest to all us OAAC members. In essence, it’s a program that helps visually impaired persons navigate buildings and surroundings. I am happy to have learnt, from reading an article in this weeks Oshawa Express- that the BlindSquare program is installed at City Hall. I’m also grateful for being apart of the process of it’s implementation.

adam moved smart talk


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