A Sunny Afternoon at Rogers TV Durham

On Thursday, August 14, 3:45pm, I had an appointment at Rogers TV Durham (301 Marwood Drive) to record a 2 minute message to my constituents. I had a lot of material to boil down into 2 minutes. The original message I had to give was 3-4 minutes. Debra, the Producer, told me it had to be 2 minutes.

There were two big paragraphs: one on my two terms on the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee; and the other being a prose detailing my Delegation opposing the Sole sourcing of a contract to Dillon Consulting Limited for a peer review of the Fire Master Plan and conducting a Community Risk Assessment. I kept the latter.

I was allowed to make three recordings and choose best one. My first recording first 2:34 (so no good, over 2 minutes), second was at 1:54 (it was okay, I jumble my words a bit), and third was at 1:59 (not perfect, but 3rd times a charm.) I was told my recorded message would air in mid-September, and I would be notified by email before it airs.

You can read my message here.

After the recording, I needed some water to hydrate. The security guard walked me toadam at rogers tv durham the staff room and got me some water. He asked me what my platform was, and I told him:

“I’m fighting the good fight for Oshawa, so the constituents have a greater voice and influence in how the City of Oshawa develops.”

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